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Meet the best e-sports online, esport sports betting every day, have fun and see who will win E-sport on fun88 online casinos, full of more than hundreds of items. Bet here!
It can be said that it is a sport that is very hot right now. Esport is considered another sport that can compete similarly to sporting events and can also bet on fun88 online casinos . In this article we will discuss Get to know virtual sports and online esports a little more.

fun88 sports virtual sports betting fun88 esports online

Fun88 E-sports, virtual sports and betting fun88 E-sports

Since the trend in Thailand that has turned the fun of gaming into the most competitive competition in the country. Searching for rising stars to lead the world in competition esport is a very popular sport and there are many sectors that have received better response and support than expected. In Thailand, the eSports Association of Thailand has been established to support the online gaming industry in Thailand to have the opportunity to grow internationally. From now on, games will not only be a relaxing activity but will also become a skill-building activity that generates income along with enjoyment.

What is E-Sport?

Esport or e-sports is an electronic sport. To put it more simply, it is an online game that is categorized as a sporting event. with conditions similar to that of general sports Whether it's a single match or group competition amateur competition or professional competition There are many types of online games as well. Whether it's a fighting game Sports and Strategy Games These online esport games all have rules similar to online sports, so esport is a virtual electronic sport.

fun88 eSports offers online E-Sport betting.

fun88 online casino also offers online betting service fun88 esports with fun esport game schedule that many people are well known for, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Cs:Go, Rainbow Six, etc. In addition, it also There are virtual sports that are competed online. whether it is football Basketball as well

Introducing fun88 esports betting methods

First of all, the user must register to be a part of the fun88 online casino. After receiving the username and password, as well as verifying the identity, can login to the system immediately.
Go to the fun88 esports menu bar. In this menu bar you will find bonus offers and promotions in the esport betting category. Hundreds of esport games for you to bet on, not only esport but also virtual sports such as football and basketball. You have also chosen to bet.
Can choose to bet to predict the winner easily. In addition to betting on your favorite teams and other places you would like to bet on, we also provide you with statistics on each team's match form for your betting purposes.

5 hot e-sports competitions of 2021 that you should not miss

League of Legends or LOL

League of Legends is an online game developed by Riot Games in the form of a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It is a team strategy game of 5 players, each with different roles and must support each other to form a unity. during game play This game can be called a quick success. with up to 120 million players per month

FIFA or FIFA Online Game

FIFA game is another popular game that has captured the hearts of many people. It is a team soccer game developed by EA Spearhead, the most popular in Southeast Asia. There are outstanding points in terms of realistic effects of the appearance of the golden footballer's face. movement gesture Player's identity As well as the precision in-motion physics that are licensed from the world's top leagues and clubs, FIFA has become one of the most beloved games in football.

CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the esport games that play as an attack fighting game. It's a team game of 5 people where you have to fight to kill your opponent's enemies. There are outstanding points in the realism effect. The perfect combination of Action and outsmarting makes it the ultimate game. With the most participants in the competition, the number 1 of the day ever

Dota 2

Another popular online esport game. It's a MOBA style game with 2nd place in popularity after League of Legends. There is actually a chance to win tens of millions of dollars from a simple contest.


It's one of the best 5-player team FPS esport shooter games. It's gameplay is similar to CS:GO, but it requires more planning skills and applying each character's abilities to skill. different No skill upgrades by topping up and also supports playing Thai language as well.

Register with fun88 online casino to join fun88 esports betting today. If you love e-sports as your life and heart. It is recommended to apply for a membership to receive a welcome bonus up to 200%, up to 5% cashback bonus, you need to hurry up and apply!

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