7 Free Android / iPhone Spy Apps for a Cheating Spouse

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Many people get carried away by their work and career. They try so hard to get ahead of the competition that they ignore other things that matter. In many cases, so many people lose so much contact with their partners that they are unable to provide them with the quality care they deserve.

Long working hours and frequent business trips are the main factors that have significantly hampered regular communication between partners. As these factors rob your partner of ample opportunity to express his feelings for you, your partner may begin to seem distant or unreceptive to your affections. Continually thinking about thoughts like these will fuel your suspicions of your disinterest and possible infidelity.
Signs to Watch Out for

Small indicators, like an increase in phone bills and an increase in your partner's text messages, will give you valid reasons to suspect that your partner is keeping you away from things. While you may want to avoid a direct confrontation, you may begin to harbor serious thoughts about hiring a private investigator to help confirm your suspicions.

Not everyone is comfortable hiring an individual because it is difficult to find someone you trust and someone you can trust enough to talk about your personal fears and problems, which can be very frustrating. Fortunately, with the development of new software monitoring applications, you can discover everything that happens in your partner's life without anyone knowing.

If you're feeling reserved about these kinds of apps, think about how helpful it could be to your relationship. You don't have to use the software all the time, just monitor your partner's phone to clear your fears and suspicions when they arise in order to maintain trust and respect in your relationship.

Even if your partner is not cheating on you, these apps can help you eliminate any doubts you may have about their behavior. With mobile phone monitoring software and the information you get from your partner's phone, you will discover all the things that were once kept secret from you. Deleting call and message logs or giving strange names to people in your contact list will never again prevent you from knowing who your partner is in contact with.

Where to find mobile spy apps?

Mobile spy apps are nothing new on the market, but the fact that they exist has not been accepted until people started using them almost daily all over the world. So it goes without saying that by the time you are reading this, there is a wide range of free spy apps for Android. Some are designed for reading text messages, while others were designed with spouse spying in mind.

If you go ahead and start searching the World Wide Web for spyware for mobile devices, you will find a wide range of applications, each and everyone suitable for specific needs. One app can track the GPS location of the mobile device you are spying on, while another can track the content of the instant messaging message like WhatsApp.

  • What do I need to spy on my partner?

    All the apps mentioned above have their own system requirements, but what all the apps have in common is the fact that they run on mobile devices. So regarding the mobile device you are using, you have to find the right app to use. If the age of your device is a concern, it's worth noting that all so-called spy apps have very low minimum system requirements, so it should be a concern for anyone.
    Free spy apps to catch cheats with your Android or iPhone

  • SPY24: The best app to spy on your partner's phone
  • Automatic forwarding: App to monitorspouse's phone
  • cheatingSpyBubble: Find out if your spouse is cheating for free
  • TheTruthSpy: Spy on your spouse Cellphone
  • MobiPast: Free Android App for Cheating Spouses
  • Pegasus Spyware: ReadMessages for Free
  • Cheating Spouse'sGoogle Family Link: Track a Spouse's Cell Phone
  • Top 7 free android spy apps cheating spouse

phone SPY24 phone tracker

If you want to test the waters with a free spy app, SPY24 is your best option. SPY24 lines up a comprehensive collection of spy tools to catch a cheating spouse on a crisp, clean board. These functions can be applied to Android and iOS devices. With SPY24, you can also track multiple devices simultaneously, if you are unsure which of your phones they are most likely to use to cheat.

SPY24's user interface is well organized, allowing perfect access to any spy tool whenever you need it. For example, you can view all of your spouse's activities on any particular social media platform by simply scrolling to 'Social Tracker → Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp' from your home page. This will display a neat and carefully selected list of all your activities on that platform, from private messages to shared media files, group chats, etc.

This fantastic spy app also allows you to monitor other social media messaging platforms such as Facebook Spy, Instagram Spy, WhatsApp Spy, etc. You will also enjoy additional features such as call and SMS tracking, a contact list, web browsing history, GPS tracking, and keylogging.

SPY24 customer service will provide you with fast and efficient support 24 hours a day. With all these features, SPY24 is our pick for catching a cheater. It's free? No. Although they have a refund policy, you can use it for free for 14 days and then get your money back.2. Auto Forward - Application to monitor the phone of a cheating spouse
Auto Forward Phone Monitoring

Auto Forward is another excellent spy app that can be used to monitor the activities of your cheating spouse or spouse. The Auto Forward spy app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. When you use this application to track online history on someone else's phone, you will have access to view all shared private messages. With the easy-to-use interface of the Auto Forward app, all of this information will be relayed to your dashboard for viewing.

This application can remotely monitor many instant messaging platforms. The Auto Forward spy application offers a number of additional functions, such as information about emails, contacts, calls and text messages, and also viewing multimedia files. However, the Auto Forward spy app does not have live customer support, and this can be frustrating for users who need immediate help.

3. SpyBubble - Find Out If Your Spouse Is Free The SpyBubble Cheating

SpyBubble is also an excellent free Android spy app for cheating spouses. This application comes with basic features that allow you to run minimal spy functions on any cell phone. However, the problem is that you can only access the exclusive features of SpyBubble by rooting or jailbreaking your partner's phone and subscribing to the Pro version. In this way, you can use the advanced tools of this application to monitor every action of your partner and obtain concrete evidence of your partner's actions.

SpyBubble is a top mobile phone spy software that allows you to access all the content on your target device. This app is one of the best for people looking to keep a close eye on the online activities of others. The application allows you to view photos, videos and messages of your partner from anywhere. It works flawlessly with devices with Android and iOS operating systems. You get live customer support to help you at any time.

SpyBubble offers WhatsApp and iMessage monitoring, calls, SMS, GPS tracking, and browser history. You will also have remote control over the target device using SpyBubble. However, this spy app can be discoverable because it leaves an icon on the target device, albeit with a different name.

4. TheTruthSpyTheTruthSpyGiving you

a fantastic way to check other people's cell phone actions without being detected, TheTruthSpy is another top spy app to catch your partner cheating. With TheTruthSpy, you can monitor everything that happens on your wife's accounts, check all private messages and information. You will also see all the photos and videos that your spouse sends, receives and publishes. All information will also be provided with date and time stamps. TheTruthSpy allows you to monitor a mobile phone in real time. It also gives you all the profile details on who the person is chatting with, including media files.

You can track popular third-party chat apps and receive notifications about all new text messages, calls, and apps installed on your phone. The application works on different operating systems, including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian devices. TheTruthSpy application does not have a free version and its prices are also a bit expensive.

5. MobiPast Spy app

A comprehensive parental monitoring software, MobiPast, helps parents carefully monitor their children's smartphone activities, but it can also be used to catch a cheating spouse. You can use MobiPast to stealthily monitor all online messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, and of course Snapchat. With your Snapchat monitoring tool, you can view other people's Snapchats and check the content of every message they send and receive. MobiPast also allows you to view all photos and videos posted on Snapchat, and even view all posted "missing" snapshots.

With MobiPast, tracking any activity on your target device is very easy. The application offers you full access to monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages, all images and videos saved and sent on / off the target device. The features of this app also include get contact list, GPS location tracking, geofence, keylogger, keyword alerts, and lock app installation.

6. Pegasus Spyware mobile spy app

When Pegasus was launched, it became more and more popular due to many media reports broadcasting its features. Pegasus Spyware, based on recent evidence, is a high-level spy application aimed at monitoring government officials around the world.

Pegasus can be taken over a user's cell phone by sending a malicious SMS linked to malware. When the recipient clicks on this link, the malware immediately infects their devices and obtains all available information.

If you are going to use this app to catch a cheater effectively, you will have to jailbreak (iPhone) or root (Android) your spouse's device. However, it is pertinent to note that there may be some "ups and downs" on Android devices.

Although the prospects may seem attractive at first glance, Pegasus Spyware does not have a set user interface and is not available for download. As it stands, only tech geeks can use this spy app for monitoring activities.

7. Google Family Link Google application for parental control

As its name suggests, Google Family Link is a monitoring application developed to give parents a certain level of control over the activities of their pupils. However, you can also use this app to catch your cheating spouse.

With Google Family Link, you can check how much time they have spent on the apps. That way, if you see your spouse using Tinder, you may find out that something suspicious is going on. Google Family Link also allows you to set screen limits and get your exact GPS location in real time.

To set up Google Family Link, you will need to create an account just for your spouse once you have installed the app on your device. Alternatively, you can at Families.google.com.

Although the functions of Google Family Link are limited compared to other spy apps, it is possible to track a spouse's cell phone with this offer from Google. However, stealth is not the order of the day, as your partner can easily detect that you are being monitored.

Which app is the best to spy on your spouse?

It all depends on what you need the application for? As stated above, some apps provide message spy services while others provide direct GPS location. So regarding what you will be using the app for, there is an app designed for that specific task. On the other hand, there are also some applications that offer multiple options when it comes to spying.

As said before, there are plenty of mobile spy apps, and with the large number of free Android spy apps released, there are a host of options in each app. So the number of methods to spy on your spouse has never been higher. The only thing you need to find out is what is the best method for you so that you can choose the right mobile spy app that excels at the given task.
Get all the details from the remote phone

Through the cell phone spy app, you can get all the details like the time and duration of each call made or received by your spouse's cell phone. It also tracks done by Skype and Viber.

You can see the sites your partner browses. In the process, you can check all emails, chat messages, and instant messages sent and received via cell phone. Some of the most common chats that are popularly used online are Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. All these chats can be seen by you in the control panel.

You can view all the contact details, images, audio, and video clips that are saved on the target's cell phone.
Advanced Monitoring Features

One of the most remarkable things about SPY24 is how it allows you to tease your spouse. If you're trying to be smart about deleting compromising messages or call entries on a regular basis, SPY24 puts you one step ahead by copying your messages in real time. That way, you will still have copies of your messages and call logs saved for your future reference long after they have deleted it.

Plus, with SPY24, you can always be sure to keep your coverage. It only takes a few minutes with your target's phone to install and configure the app. Once installed, the app disappears to the bottom of the phone, where it performs stealth operations and saves scan-ready copies of phone data on a web server where you can easily access it from any remote device. That way, you can maintain your coverage from the beginning until you complete your investigations.

These applications are usually compatible with all popular operating systems, including Android, iPhone, Windows. If you feel like there are a lot of things you don't know about your partner, the mobile spy app is the perfect way to find out the truth.
Easy use and worldwide access

After installing the software, you will get a single web account that only you can access, where all your data will be stored. With these apps you can:

SPY24 features

view all call logs, including the number called, the time, and the duration of the call. Some even allow you to record and listen to all calls.
Lsoyou can see all received and sent messages even if deleted from the phone,
locate your partner through GPS with an exact location shown on the map,
monitor all Internet activity and view Web sites visited from the phone,
view all the photos and videos stored on the phone and more.

Apps and Services

Free Cheating SpouseIf you need a free cheating spouse app for Android or iPhone, you will likely come across a lot of options on the web. However, many of these applications put you at various security risks.
Free phone number tracking

For those who believe in spying on their spouses' mobile phones for free and without physical access, there are generous phone number tracking offers. All you need to do with these free online services is enter the destination phone number in a form and continue.

However, the result is always different. In most cases, you are redirected to the ad pages after submitting the destination phone number. However, you may also be asked to leave your personal data, phone number or email so that all data can be sent to you. That, of course, never happens.

Spyware Decryption Another way to spy on your spouse's cell phone for free is to download the decrypted spy apps. When using a decrypted version of an application, you never know if it will run smoothly or not.

Technically, the installation process always takes longer. If the application has been tampered with, it is more difficult to handle than its licensed version, not to mention security concerns. Broken apps are usually full of ads, but you never know what else, or what kind of details about you and your partner they will send to the hackers' remote servers.
Licensed Spy Testing This

Softwaremethod is the last one we recommend using to catch a cheating spouse using their cell phone for free. Subscribe to free trial versions of spy apps. Although the trial versions only give you access to premium features for a limited period, you enjoy unlimited access to these features for the entire time. This way, you can get foolproof proof (when available) of your partner's infidelity.

Some of them offer up to 30 days free trial or money back guarantee period. So you can use any cheat app for iPhone or Android for free to test its functionality and proceed with an extended paid version later.
How to know if your spouse is cheating for free if you don't have a spy app?

If you are in doubt whether you need a spy app, you can go for free alternatives to find out if your spouse is cheating on you.

Observe the behavior of your spouse. Is she suddenly becoming more romantic and witty around the house or is she doing the opposite, becoming cold, closed, and dispassionate? Are you suddenly obsessing over your looks and hanging out at weird times? If there are no solid explanations for his sudden changes in behavior, he is most likely cheating.
Watch your attitude around your phone and computer. Do you sometimes find her talking quietly on the phone? Do you suddenly put your phone away or close your computer sometimes when you walk into the room? Most likely, you are in a secret relationship.
Ask questions tactfully. It is not a good idea to launch into a confrontation with your spouse on any suspicion of infidelity. Rather, you must be very tactical in your approach. Ask questions about their whereabouts and habits when they least expect it; you will most likely catch him making a slip if he is lying.
Follow them with a fake profile. You can simply create a fake profile and follow them on your favorite social networks. Once they accept you, you can start beating them to see if they fall into the trap. If you are sure to seduce them yourself with a fake profile, you can ask a friend to help you.
Create a phishing campaign. This one requires great technical skills. It involves cloning a social media login page and enticing your spouse to log into your account from the cloned site. Once they do, you can get their login credentials to access their accounts whenever you want.


Whatever your motives, the fact remains that there are free spy apps for Android and people use them on a daily basis, so why should you? Spying on your spouse has become normal in the modern society we all live in, where lack of trust is a daily occurrence, even in your family.

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