Introduction of Ms. Masih Jafarzade, a successful entrepreneur in Alborz province

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An Entrepreneur is a person who directly or indirectly has over 50 workers for themselves. We want to introduce to you a lady who alone has achieved the title: “entrepreneur” from 0 to 100 this name is familiar to everyone:

Masih Jafarzade an Iranian entrepreneur

Someone who this land needs their goals, value and prophecy

In this part We want to take a look at their strong CV DBA in the field of finance and investment A member of the American psychology society

The writer of the books: the rule of attracting wealth and change of financial belief

A member of the Iranian psychology society A member of the Iranian consulting

An international teacher for life skills and entrepreneur The CEO of the cooperation international Giti Arvas

Masih Jafarzade Masih Jafarzadeh

The founder of the institute a capable powerful man who makes money

The founder of Artemis gallery

The founder of Debora food packaging

The founder of gol hairdressing and meson

One of the six best people from Iran in China’s expoe paging 2010

Has received several letters of commendations

Has sat up several conferences, seminars and workshops in the field of financial success

Has a brand in the field of consulting, psychology and business

has a membership in the field of visual arts

has a membership in the society of entrepreneur woman and business woman

has a valid certificate in the field of business management, psychology, consulting, marketing and advertisement

20 years of research and studies on the field of law of attraction and financial belief changes


The maker of 540 financial beliefs in proverbs and slogans in Iranian culture

They have used amazing and effective courses and free educational courses

We suggest you view their videos

In their website and Jafarzade app they post one video a day

Masih Jafarzade Masih Jafarzadeh






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